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I went to get my sweet 16 pictures done today. A little late considering my birthday was back in december, but neway they still look good. Looking at these pictures i actually felt really beautiful. Especially one were i am looking at a rose in my hand. It looks amazing and i really love it.

Then i went looking for a Semi formal dress for next year, and i found it. OMG its sooooooo pretty. But unfortunatly they didn't have my size in the store so i had to order it and have it sent to the store so i can pick it up there.  It's blue, with a halter top and its so amazing. I have a picture of it below.

I will try to upload pictures of my hair soon. I unfortunatly i have to dye it again because it's fading wicked fast because i didn't bleach it. I should be going to chelseas saturday so she can have me pose for her so i should have them updated soon. Hopefully.

Hope everything is alright for you people out in live journal world. Suprisingly things are going great here. My dad has been drinking but what else is new. I'll update later. Love ya's bye!!

Turquoise Rhinestone Jersey Halter Dress

My semi formal dress. I'm so excited i figured out how to update pics into my lj entrys. Very cool. Yeah thats it. It's so pretty!!! Tell me what you think!

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