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i'm in the midst of dying my hair. I'm waiting for the dye to set in right now. Which is cool.

My dad wouldn't shut up during dinner. He kept telling lik embarrasing stories and shit. Makes me so mad. He won't stop drinking either. grrrrr. I swear the day he stops having 3-4 drinks of hard liquor a night is a day pigs fly.

I just hope he can control himself tonight. I really don't want to fend him off me again.

I think me binging and purging has like taken over cutting for me. I can't remember the last time i ate without puking. I havn't cut since i have started purging again. It's weird. I can't explain it. It's like when i puke i don't feel the need to cut. Which reminds me its time to purge again. Parents just went out for a cigg. Lataz.

Sometimes i think i need help, other times, i just dont care. I mean its my body my desicion right. My therapist is throwing all these facts at me that i just can't intake. I don't care about facts. I've heard enough facts. i just want answers. But for answers i guess i gotta figure out the questions huh?
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