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-Basics- start time:5*04am
name: Summer Star Shockley
age: 20
blood type: O+
gender: Female
location: Chelsea, MA
sexual orientation: Bisexual
nicknames: Star
relationships: no thanx, i've had my share
education: High School Grad...
interests: Death and Zombie movies

-Favorites- at least 3 for each category.
books: Neverwhere, Chicken Poop for the Soul, & The Long Hard Road Out of Hell
movies: House of 1000 Corpses, Night of The Living Dead, & Resident Evil
plays: Wicked, Bang Bang You're Dead, & Hairspray (It's cute)
actors: Stuart Townsend, Seth Green, & Macaulay Culkin
actresses: Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckensale, & Portia De Rossi
poets: My friend Amy, Jewel, & Emily Dickenson
paintings: The Death Walk by Stephanie Lynn Evans, Cris by Scott Radke, Stary Night by VanGogh
comic strips: Garfield, boonedocks, & the far side
political activists: the world sucks and always will, you and I will never make a differance
bands: FATA, Poison The Well, & Norma Jean

(1-10 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.)
-Your personaility. 6 I'm shy, but fun
-Your outside beauty.6 im a stripper (fuck "exotic dancer") so i guess i gotta be kinda pretty
-Your style.6 i wear clothes... haha except at work

-Personal Beliefs-
religion: Peagan
politics: fuck em
PETA/animal rights: Animals are people too...
freedoms of the individual: you be you and ill be me
the media: vindictive, manipulative assholes
GLBT rights: We're here, we're queer!
Suicide vs The Right to Die: Suicide is my right
public funding for the arts: pro... i didnt have art in my elementry... it sucked
sex workers, prostitution: do your thang, and ill do mine
drugs:yes please

-Community Relevance-
are you aware that Suicidal Whores is an SI community? Yes, yes i am
are you currently using SI as a coping mechanism? yes, yes i am
what are your feelings on the Pro-SI movement? as long as i dont have to move, Yay!
do you consider yourself mentally ill? Sanity is Over-rated
why do you want to join this community? I enjoy talking with open minded people, whom try to understand and empathize before judging

-We're Nosy-
person, place, thing or belief you value more than anything else? my cat
had a life altering moment? about three hours ago, i realized i was out of cheese
most embarrassing moment? slipping onstage
do you lie often, even if just to spare a friends feelings? real friends dont lie
how loyal are you to your friends? they are my life support
what is your living situation? alone, with my kitty... Mr Bojangels
cozy with the family or not? dont have one dad left mom died only child... boo hoo pity me

-We're Bossy-
one negative thing about yourself. I'm lazy
one positive thing about yourself. I'm funnyish
post a picture to make us laugh

find a picture of asparagus post it here.

add one person in the community to your friends list. will do
promote this community in two places ... i can on my journal... but thats the only place i got
make sure you put the following statement in your LJcut *bleed me beautiful* or *veins run dry*

five completely random facts about you. I was born in the backseat of a 1973 chevy nova, I have 8 tattoos, I am best friends with a girl named Candy (haha and she isnt a stripper), I drive a hybrid car, oh and i smoke camel turkish jade lights
why should we accept you? Cause im friggin super, and cause it would be nice of you
which do you prefer kitchen sponges, paper towels, dish rags? sponge = grems... paper towel = missing trees... so rags
pictures of you, clear and no nudes. if you don't have pictures, don't worry about it.

which shoe do you put on first? left?
shampoo according to directions; lather, rinse, repeat? Repeating takes too much effort
finish time: 545am

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