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Your Last Days Will Shine Like No Others (points - 1 point each question, 50 total)

1. last person you danced with and the last song you danced to: Erik while we were high, don’t remember the song.
2. last person you sang a song to or sang a song to you: I sang a song along with Erik while we were high… That count?
3. last person you went out to dinner with:Meggie and Ashley
4. last person who held you while you cried: Tony, geez that was a looooong time ago…
5. last story you read to someone: Kayla. We had to read some book for school and she couldn’t follow the black lingo unless it was read outloud.
6. last thing you said to someone you love: “Night, mwa.”
7. last time you thought about jr high:Couple of weeks ago, talking about how people change during the years and Jr.High came up.
8. last time you watched the sun rise: Geez, I dunno.
9. last time you stayed out all night with friends: Few nights ago.
10. last person you said "i love you" to: Tony
11. last person you said "i hate you" to: My mom.
12. last time you really meant either:Last times I said them.
13. last time you cried: Where I actually balled my eyes out... Probably when Tony held me (#4.)
14. last person or thing you cried about: My ‘ family situation’ with Tony.
15. last person you made cry: I don’t know, I try not to make people cry.
16. last time you lied: A few days ago
17. last person you lied to: Parents
18. last person to lie to you: I don’t know… People don’t really tell me when they’ve lied to me…
19. last time you got a sunburn: June 21st ick I burn way to easily.
20. last person you recognized on the street: Pat
21. last time you stayed in the tub for hours: No clue, I don’t really take baths.
22. last time you called a friend and who did you call: Two nights ago, Will.
23. last person who hugged you: Tony
24. last person who kissed you: Tony
25. last time you looked at childhood photos: Years ago.
26. last place where you had insane, out of control and beyond inappropriate fun: June 21st, crazy crazy night; full of weed, booze, friends, and whatever else!
27. last time you sat and thought about life: Last night
28. last time you sat and thought about death: Last night
29. last time you planned for something special:A couple weeks ago.
30. last time you stayed in bed all day:Day before yesterday
31. last time you hugged, kissed or held someone you've since lost: … I honestly don’t know
32. last time you saw your best friend: Two nights ago
33. last time you went to the beach: Few summers ago, I kinda wanna go today though.
34. last time you were really happy: Whenever I’m at Tony’s, or with him… Ha how fucking sappy!
35. last person you talk to before you go to sleep: Tony
36. last person you want to see before you die: Davie
37. last person you trusted with your fears, hopes, dreams and secrets: Tie between Tony and Will.
38. last time you didn't do laundry and did something fun instead: Last weekend I think.
39. last time you went out side barefoot: Just a few minutes ago
40. last time you had your picture taken: Whenever I changed my hair color.
41. last time you lost something: Few seconds ago, I lost my drink.
42. last person you'd expect to have as a friend, but count them as your best: Chelsea
43. last time you fell in love or deeply into a crush: Beginning of the year.
44. last time you couldn't see anything but failures, fear and lose: God, who knows…
45. last place you'd expect to find love: In myself.
46. last person you held all night: Tony, or well he held me and I kinda atempted but my arms were all tangled and shit…
47. last concert you went to with friends or made friends at: Last summer, LocoBazooka.
48. last amazingly unnecessary but entirely indispensable thing you bought: My oil spilled color knife
49. last mistake you made and wish you could undo: My life
50. last time you took the time to rejoice in your grace, strength and your own highly significant place in the world: Don’t know

In Closing, I Would Like To Thank Those I Hold Dear

Um, haven’t really been a member for that long. So I don’t know too many people to fill this out.

Requiem in Hot Pink random bonus

1. Join the new community xlost_youthx !! ya get 5 points if you do as part of your theme. come on.. do it. peer pressure, peer pressure, peer pressure. if you don't join, nobody will like you anymore. Already did.
2. Any words of wisdom, any rants or fuck off before we put this old whore down? *say anything you ain't said yet* Hm, don’t really have anything to say… I guess I wouldn’t mind a few more friends on my LJ and what not. Whatever
3. Promote the new community. if applicants mention your name, 10 points for any fresh meat. I shall try
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