~*bizzarbutterfly*~ (bizzarbutterfly) wrote in suicidalxwh0re,

just a question

has anyone ever thought about scarification instead of a tattoo to symbolise something on their body, such as hell i've created enough scars on my body, but i have thought about it before getting it. Rob and I have dicussed it, and as i know we are forever, I talked it through with him, and its something that he couldnt get behind me 100% He loves me, and wouldnt stop me, because he knows he couldnt, but because we are an us, we make decisions together, I'd need his 100% support, and if i cant get taht i wouldnt do that. Not because i dont want to displease him, its just about us as a couple, and is something we would have to share together for the rest of our lives.

Would anyone get a scarification, burning or anything? I always wanted to have a butterlfy burnt into my skin, I've seen some done and i thought they were beautiful.
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