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I feel soooo bad cuz I haven't been able to do any themes...I got my internet back, but my mom just recently atopped breathing down my neck everytime I got on.....So..I shall do this last theme and I'll make sure to join the other comm....luv ya'll thanx for the forgiveness...

last person you danced with and the last song you danced to: My Sis last night at the MSI concert to "Pussy All Night"
last person you sang a song to or sang a song to you: My Sis at the concert last nite...one of the opening bands played :Earth Angel" and we were singing that
last person you went out to dinner with: My family for my brother's birthday
last person who held you while you cried: My sister
last story you read to someone: I read a lemon fanfic to my brother to tease him
last thing you said to someone you love: "I miss you."
last time you thought about jr high: Yesterday when we passes it on the way to the concert
last time you watched the sun rise: When I sat putside after staying up all night
last time you stayed out all night with friends: Last nite at/after the concert
last person you said "i love you" to: My best friend Sammi
last person you said "i hate you" to: My friend Hadi, but I wasn't serious
last time you really meant either: When I was talking to Sammi
last time you cried: When I told my firend Hadi why I started cutting
last person or thing you cried about: My reason for cutting and all the reasons why the boy I like won't like me
last person you made cry: ummmmm...I dunno...I've never reallymade anyone cry....I guess my slker when I cussed him out...
last time you lied: Not verbally...but I changed clothes when I got to the concert last night...oh...and I told my friend I'm not bi
last person you lied to: My friend Hadi
last person to lie to you: I dunno...
last time you got a sunburn: A LOOOOOOONG time ago...I've gotten tanned....but not sunburned since I was like.....8...
last person you recognized on the street: This guy who work at the mall I know
last time you stayed in the tub for hours: When Sammi was up here and was using the computer
last time you called a friend and who did you call: My Sister yesterday
last person who hugged you: My Sister
last person who kissed you: ummm....i dunno....
last time you looked at childhood photos: Yesterday
last place where you had insane, out of control and beyond inappropriate fun: The concert last nite
last time you sat and thought about life: ummm....last week
last time you sat and thought about death: last weekend
last time you planned for something special: The past two months for the MSI concert
last time you stayed in bed all day: The first two days of summer
last time you hugged, kissed or held someone you've since lost: Last time I saw Cameron...the day before he moved away.....I fell in love with him...and haven't seen him since...
last time you saw your best friend: When she was up here last summer and before she moved back to Brazil (They're two different people....i have two best friends)
last time you went to the beach: Before I moved to NC...when I still lived in Florida
last time you were really happy: ummm....i can't remeber...I think at the Heartwood concert in May cuz I met the guy I've had a crush on for the past 3 months..
last person you talk to before you go to sleep: My brother
last person you want to see before you die: I dunno...
last person you trusted with your fears, hopes, dreams and secrets: My sister
last time you didn't do laundry and did something fun instead: I usually alwayz do laundry cuz it only get done when I do it when I need something clean...
last time you went out side barefoot: Last time that I went outside...I almost nver wear shoes outside..
last time you had your picture taken: At the concert last nite
last time you lost something: i dunno if it's 'lost' but the lead singer Jimmy from MSI robbed me last nite when I had him sign my wallet..i didn't really care tho...
last person you'd expect to have as a friend, but count them as your best: i dunno....Huong?
last time you fell in love or deeply into a crush: 3 times...Cameron, Aldo, and Chris
last time you couldn't see anything but failures, fear and lose: Last week
last place you'd expect to find love: A backstreet boys concert...cuz I wouldn't be caught dead there...
last person you held all night: My teddy bear
last concert you went to with friends or made friends at: Last nigh...Mindless Self Indulgence......went with sum friends and made sum there
last amazingly unnecessary but entirely indispensable thing you bought: ummmm.....A prety frilly red adn black pair of panties
last mistake you made and wish you could undo: Not telling Cameron how I felt
last time you took the time to rejoice in your grace, strength and your own highly significant place in the world:ummm...I dunno........Last month mayby....I dunno...

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