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bleed me beautiful

-Basics- start time:2:57a.m.
name: Michelle
age: 20
blood type: a positive
gender: female
location: Boston MA
sexual orientation: lesbian
nicknames: chelle, peach, L
relationships: thats a negative. not in one.. not for one at the moment
education: ehh tried college didnt work
interests: movies, music, pot, sex

-Favorites- at least 3 for each category.
books: strange bedpersons, a child called it, the lost boy
movies: crazy/beautiful, saw, serendipity
plays: sorry i'm just not the play kinda gal.
actors: matthew perry, tom cruise, ben affleck
actresses: angelina jolie, kate beckinsale, drew barrymore
poets: not too much into poetry.. i mean i could lie on this whole app. and just go look up some poets and but it in here but i'd rather not
paintings: same as above
comic strips: i have this book called squee and its nothing but comics.. well the squee comic then it has several others in it.
political activists:
bands: fata, ani difranco, taproot

(1-10 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.)
-Your personaility.8
-Your outside beauty.7
-Your style. 10 i love my style

-Personal Beliefs-
religion: i dont really follow a religion i mean i know theres something there but i dont know who or what it is
politics: i dont mess with politics... i just feel like my one little vote isnt going to change shit
PETA/animal rights: if someone wants to sit there and protest and what not for what they believe in go ahead let them
freedoms of the individual: everyone should have their own freedom. but everyone should have some limits to a point
the media: the media worrys about all the "stars" buisness when they should probably be worry about somethings that are a little more important
GLBT rights: love is love no matter what sex you are.
Suicide vs The Right to Die: its your life and if you want it to end then you can end it if you fell it important then thats your choice
public funding for the arts: sure i'm not an artist by any means but i guess if i were i'd want funding for my art
sex workers, prostitution: i think its horrible.. but if you want to whore yourself around then you better not be suprised when a guy ends up hurting you physically
drugs: my drugs keep my from killing myself

-Community Relevance-
are you aware that Suicidal Whores is an SI community? yes
are you currently using SI as a coping mechanism? yes
what are your feelings on the Pro-SI movement? i mean i've done it for awhile i guess..i'm just not sure.
do you consider yourself mentally ill? my therapist thinks so. she keeps giving me new pills because everytime i go to see her and she asks me if the pills are working i just say no, then she gives me new ones
why do you want to join this community? i want to be around people who know what i'm going through. none of my friends know that i cut, because i do it on my inner thighs.. and its not like my friends see my inner thighs

-We're Nosy-
person, place, thing or belief you value more than anything else? the hammock in my dads backyard. normally after i cut i go out in the backyard, smoke a bowl, and just lay in that hammock. i just feel safe there.
had a life altering moment? no
most embarrassing moment?throwing up on my ex g/f at her parents house.
do you lie often, even if just to spare a friends feelings. nope i'm straight up when it comes to my friends. they need to hear the truth
how loyal are you to your friends? extremely loyal. last night i went out at 3:30 in the morning to pick my ex g/f up from the bar cause she was so drunk.
what is your living situation? i live with my dad
cozy with the family or not? very i love my family

-We're Bossy-
one negative thing about yourself. i smoke constantly. weed and cigaretts
one positive thing about yourself. i have a great personality
post a picture to make us laugh. Image hosted by
find a picture of asparagus post it here. Image hosted by
add one person in the community to your friends list. okay i will when i finish this.
promote this community in two places. i dont really have anywhere to promote it.i created this journal so that i had somewhere to write my stuff. and all my friends wouldnt find out. ::sigh:: i hope this doesnt jepordize my app.
make sure you put the following statement in your LJcut *bleed me beautiful* or *veins run dry*

five completely random facts about you. i'm left handed. i dont know my mom. i have never been with a guy. my best friend died two years ago. i smoke about two packs a day/
why should we accept you? because i need a place like this with people who have problems like mine.
which do you prefer kitchen sponges, paper towels, dish rags? lets see.. sponges
pictures of you, clear and no nudes. if you don't have pictures, don't worry about it.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
which shoe do you put on first? the left
shampoo according to directions; lather, rinse, repeat? i later, rinse, and repeat uhh the next time i shower.
finish time:3:38
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