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Ok nevermind... it let's me post. XD I am dumb.... (Updated!)


start time: 4:21 p.m.
name: Melissa
age: 14
blood type: Fuck if I know
gender: Female… I think…. *looks down* yup
location: Ohio
sexual orientation: Bi-sexual
nicknames: Mel, El, Mellie (not by choice!)
relationships: umm… I am currently single, but I have had some bfs & gfs
education: I am going into the 9th grade
interests: Music, computers, guys, girls, bands, music, writing anything, art, anything in the “art” department in general, playing my trombone, playing my lovely drum-set!!! I like talking to people and learning about them

-Favorites- at least 3 for each category.
books: Cut, Speak, Georgia Nicholson Series, Heavy Metal and You…. Lots more!
movies: Saved!, Sleepy Hollow, Eurotrip, Dogma, Ever After, Without A Paddle
plays: 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Jungle Book(because my friends were in them), Romeo and Juliet, Phantom of the Opera
actors: Jack White, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor (however the hell you spell it), Gerard Butler, Seth Green
actresses: Nicole Kidman, Christina Ricci, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore
poets: Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickenson, Raechel F.(my best friend)
paintings:  Any Picasso, the one at the end of Ever After (I own a copy of it), The Scream
comic strips: Nothing Nice to Say, Garfield, Dilbert
political activists: Rosie O’Donnell, she’s a good butch lesbian, haha just kidding (I don’t have any other favourites)

bands: The Distillers, The Dresden Dolls, Garbage (Many MANY more on my info page)

(1-10 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.)

(I had my best friend vote on these)
-Your personality. 9, I am VERY funny, I can cheer someone up, people really value me, well they say so, but I'm depressed
-Your outside beauty. 5, I am overweight, I have scars, enough said
-Your style. 7 ½, I find things no one else can and people always like my t-shirts

-Personal Beliefs-
religion:  I don’t have one, I believe in God but have very little faith in him... I am just waiting for Him to "give me a sign" that he is real
politics: I am a Democrat…I hate Bush... And I can’t really do anything till I am 18 *tear*
PETA/animal rights: I love PETA and the fight for animal rights, I am amongst them, and I am trying to become a vegetarian, I really hate animal cruelty in the labs and for the fur trade... PETA's videos are horrible but truthful which makes it hurt more
freedoms of the individual: I am for them 150%, if everyone was the same things would be very boring
the media:  I think the media should let famous people live their lives and don’t expose and exploit them so much
GLBT rights: We should have the SAME rights as anyone else. There is no problem with letting gays and lesbians and bi-s get married. AHH!! I have a lot to say on this subject, because I had a debate on it, which I lost because EVERYONE in my class (except my friend Jamie) HATE GL&B's... if they all knew I was ALSO bi-sexual, they would probably have me expelled, put in an assylum, or killed
Suicide vs The Right to Die: Hmm… I haven’t really thought about this, but I guess it is your right to kill yourself, I would still call it Suicide
public funding for the arts: it’s a great thing and should expand, when I was in elementary school the arts part of it really got me into musicianship, they started me on the trombone which later led to the drums also
sex workers, prostitution:  it’s the woman’s or man’s body, and people who hire them are willing to pay and everything
drugs: I don’t like drugs, but will I not be your friend because of it? No, I would still be your friend

-Community Relevance-
are you aware that Suicidal Whores is an SI community? yes, I am well aware of it
are you currently using SI as a coping mechanism? I am trying to stop but I do use it
what are your feelings on the Pro-SI movement? There’s a movement? I really don’t know much about it, so I can’t put my feelings in
do you consider yourself mentally ill? At times, I think I am depressed and maybe have borderline something... can't remember the name, but I haven't been tested, I am too scared to... and I have something, dunno what, from being a rape survivor
why do you want to join this community? To talk to people like me, and to not have people judge me... I just need help from people, not shrinks, not parents, people like me

-We're Nosy-
person, place, thing or belief you value more than anything else? My best friend Raechel, I have known her for about 5 years now
had a life altering moment? either when I realized that I was sexually abused by my first boyfriend or When my best friend for my whole life and, then, current bf decided to stop contact with me because of my uncle..... it crushed my soul and got me HEAVILY into cutting... I was bad before but I just went into a HUGE depression after it, and I am still in it, just not so drastic
most embarrassing moment? I have had a lot of them….

-Oh there was that time with my best friend Eddie, I was standing in the local fountain and Eddie kicked his hacky-sack at me and it went down me shirt, straight for the boobs. I yelled “You have a perverted sac!” like really loud and then I got kicked out of the fountain! Damn security!

-Oh and then there was this time when me and my best friend Raech were riding bikes downtown… like on the main street and my shirt came up-zipped. We had a great laugh and she goes “Conceal those beasts!”
do you lie often, even if just to spare a friends feelings? I lie to people I hate, or to get out of something, and I never lie to my truest friends... I can't really keep things from them, they know when I am upset
how loyal are you to your friends? I am VERY loyal, the few that I have are all that I’ve got
what is your living situation? I live with my parents and bro
cozy with the family or not? NOT... me and my brother are kind of ok, we get upset, it's not as bad as it used to be: i.e. when he would fist fight with me, verbal fights, and sometimes horrible fights that would cause bruising and cause me to severly SI, me and my mom are as good as we can be, I don't open up to her that much because I know things about me are horrible. I told her that I used to cut and all kinds of things. I think we are the best we can be because I have seriously injured her on 2 occasions. Me and my dad don't get along unless he is actually home and off of his damn computer.

-We're Bossy-
one negative thing about yourself. I am overweight
one positive thing about yourself.  I am a great musician
post a picture to make us laugh.
find a picture of asparagus post it here. I would SO do "something" to this chick... hehe kidding   
add one person in the community to your friends list. I have a friend in this community but ok.... I added </b></a>
promote this community in two places: on my info page and
make sure you put the following statement in your LJcut *bleed me beautiful* or *veins run dry*

five completely random facts about you. -I like to say Panda. -I am a chick drummer. –I have only had 2 gfs. - I wear glsses. - My chinchilla was victimized by my bunny(the bunny humped him).
why should we accept you? Because I am funny… I hope… maybe… just a little…
which do you prefer kitchen sponges, paper towels, dish rags? Paper towels because sponges always make me want to wash my hands and rags could have unknown material on them
pictures of you, clear and no nudes. if you don't have pictures, don't worry about it.
     me with almost no make-up

    my shibby hair

    me being retarded with make-up

which shoe do you put on first? My left??? I guess
shampoo according to directions; lather, rinse, repeat? No… shampoo: lather, rinse then conditioner: lather, rinse
finish time: 5:42 p.m………… friends take up time

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