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I won't wait for another day...

Hiii, everyone.
I'm Lara, and I'm 16 and live in Australia.

I've sort of come to this community looking for some sort of support.
It's hard to say how the hell I've ended up here. Just one thing after another, I guess.
All I know is that, life really doesn't interest me, it's boring as and while I could change it completely, I'm too gutless to.
I'm not one to stand up for myself, I'm all bravado over the internet but in real life I'm just a whimp. I'll do anything for my friends... er... well... most of them, anyway... but I do nearly nothing for myself.

So far, I haven't actually cut my skin deep.
I've grazed and I've got scars across my left wrist, but the day where I draw blood is really drawing nearer and nearer.
Nobody around me understands why I do it, not completely. One person, my best friend, she knows how I truly feel, because she feels the same way, but she doesn't deal with it the way I do.

The only thing stopping me from ending my life is those around me. I know it'd be a real slap in the face for them, I don't know why, but they really do love me... so I live on in suffering, only for them

This summer... I really think it's going to be a fucking fun one! *SARCASM*
So far I've been nothing but misjudged and ganged up on and I'm damn well sick of it.
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